Welcome to the Hancock Volunteer Fire Department. We provide primary fire suppression services, as well as rescue and emergency medical services to the town of Hancock, Maine.  For Any Emergency Call 911

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New Burn Permit Website From the State of Maine

This new website through Maine.gov allows users in all towns to obtain burn permits online. 

Cost is $7.00 per permit to be paid by credit/debit card.

All online permits must be printed and available for inspection at the site of any burn. 

To order your permit online or for more info please Click HERE.

Note: Free Permits are still available from your local town Fire Wardens. 

Contact info for the Fire Wardens' in Hancock can be found by clicking the "Burn Permit Info" tab on the left of this page.

Want to order an E911 sign? 
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Message from the Chief:

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The Hancock VFD recommends installing one of these on any gated roads, driveways, etc, and any buildings that currently have a keyed padlock that the Fire Dept may need to access incase of Fire, Forest Fire, Water Search n Rescue, or any unforeseeable emergency. These are 4 digit combination locks, that the code can be provided to the FD for Emergency Use only.
These codes can be changed easily incase of employee turnover, or denying access to a previous Key Holder. No need to buy a new padlock and make new keys.
These are available at most any hardware store, and the Hancock VFD does not recommend any one over the other. The link is for ID purposes only.
Changing your Keyed padlocks to one of these, and providing the FD with the code, also prevents the padlock from being cut incase of Emergency.
Any questions or comments, please contact the Chief.

Hancock VFD's New Forestry Rig!

Thanks to a generous donation Hancock VFD is proud to announce the acquisition of our newest rig! A 1953 Reo Deuce n Half. New paint, New 1200 gallon poly tank, Refurbished 350 GPM PTO pump. Straight 6 cylinder gas. AWD. We will be preparing the truck for service in the the coming weeks. Thanks to Chief Holmes and Asst. Chief Leyendecker for driving to Auburn to pick it up!


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