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Faces of HVFD

During Fire Prevention Week 2014 we were asked a great question by one of the students. The student wanted to know how to tell if a firefighter was a real. This gave us the idea to bring you the "Faces of HVFD" page. Everyone shown on this page is a real Hancock VFD Member.

*Click on any photo to go to the roster page which tells each members certifications and badge number.*


Our Firefighters

Chief Christopher Holmes

A/C Dustin Leyendecker

Capt. Tyler Kennedy

Lt. Brandon Leavitt

Lt. Michael Homes

Ronnie Burch

Laurie Ogden

Melissa Leyendecker

James Fortier

Jeremiah Burch

Joshua Jipson

PJ Rossi

John Donnovan

Aaron Johnson

Taylor Leavitt

Wendi MacQuinn

William Grindle

Lance Bishop

Jeremy Ogden

Kent Stanley

Matthew Perry

Mark Bryer

Rachel Dow

Bruce Croteau

Jason Goodrich